Does Rapid FDA Approval Produce Drug Safety Issues?

/ Mar 16, 2020

Bart Cobert gives his pharmacovigilance point of view on a recent paper on FDA approval timelines and drug safety issues.

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/ Feb 11, 2020

Bart Cobert on the importance of publishing clinical trials data and implications on pharmacovigilance.

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Pharmacovigilance 2030

/ Dec 11, 2019

This is an interesting article looking at what PV will be in the year 2030.

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FDA Draft Guidance on PMRs

/ Nov 24, 2019

Bart Cobert highlights the most important changes in the recently revised FDA draft guidance on PMRs.

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Ranitidine – What Happened and What Do We Learn?

/ Oct 31, 2019

Bart Cobert explores several important points to take from the still ongoing signal and safety issue with Renitidine recall.

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Video Email: Your Secret Weapon in Improving cSat

/ Oct 23, 2019

The advantages of utilizing video email response to overcome low customer satisfaction.

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Why Coupons Are Still a Powerful Strategy for Brands

/ Oct 14, 2019

When it comes to driving consumer behavior, coupons continue to be a powerful force.

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Going Mobile: Creating Experiences that Matter with the Avaya Mobile Experience

/ Oct 14, 2019

Read how C3i Solutions is leveraging Avaya Mobile Experience to provide better customer experience.

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Vaping – A Serious Safety Signal

/ Oct 07, 2019

Bart Cobert discusses the major safety issue in the US on e-cigarettes and vaping.

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Importing Canadian Drugs to the US

/ Aug 29, 2019

Bart Cobert covers several issues involved in setting up the proposed "Safe Importation Plan" which aims to allow US consumers to get safe and cheaper drugs.

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