Taking Advantage of Advanced Data Analytics to Improve Outcomes

Dec 14, 2016

Chief Technology Officer

Real-time data analytics is no longer an expectation — it’s a necessity for companies and departments managing patient support and adherence programs. As pharmaceutical companies continue to expand their direct engagement with patients — and meet customers “where they are” through interactions by phone, text, email and social media — adapting technology to the demands of today’s operations is integral to continued success.


A Live, Big-Picture View of Interactions

The latest advanced visual analytics platforms offer insights not only in real time, but through a flexible, live dashboard format, allowing teams to pinpoint and review trends by type of response, location, treatment/product and more.

The data stream is two-fold — making it possible to track engagements as they occur and to collect hundreds of thousands of social media posts to get a pulse on what’s being talked about in the greater social sphere.


Making the Impossible Possible

Essentially, analytics programs have evolved to the point where it is possible to “review” 100,000 social media posts at a time. No matter how expansive and dedicated, a brand team can’t possibly maintain the threshold to simultaneously handle and process the influx of thousands of social media postings. With the help of technology, there is no infinite capacity.


Still Embracing the Human Element

That’s not to say the important role human interactions play, especially in healthcare settings, as the role of real-person contact between a nurse health coach or another agent with a patient is vital, and it should not be replaced or diminished by technology, but rather, enhanced.

For example, there are some cases where interactions inform the output of data. New functionalities can “read” conversations from a call to gauge the sentiment of the interaction — positive, negative or neutral — and the factors driving that interaction. Even in mere minutes, contact center managers can cull insights from a high volume of calls. This immediate feedback can become a tool that brands rely on, serving incredibly useful purposes like informing medication misuse, adverse events and product quality complaints.


Our data analytics platforms are designed with a core set of capabilities that are flexible in nature, and they’re able to be rapidly deployed — so that technology can enhance, not hinder, the efficiency of your team and patient care operations. Furthermore, technology’s ability to adapt reflects a signature factor of our patient support and engagement programs: They’re customized to meet the unique needs of your brands, products … and patients.


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