4 Considerations for Building a Workforce for Social Consumer Care

Aug 19, 2014

Sr. Director, Digital

The following post was adapted from Building a Workforce for Social Consumer Care on JohnMacDaniel.net.

For me, social media as it relates to brands and marketing has always been about consumer care.

So how do contact centers begin to grow their workforce to support the not so new anymore yet still considered emerging customer service channel called social consumer care? Here are a few tips to think about:

1) Recruitment

When reviewing prospects think in terms of Experience, Skills and Talents. Experience is what they have done; skills are how well they do it; and the most important element, talents, are the inherent behavior and tendencies that the applicant possesses. You’re not going to find a ton of people out there that have a lot of experience handling social media consumer care. But there are a ton of people out there that have personal social media experience, have some skill and knowledge as to how to operate within social media sites and still possess the talents to serve, advise, be helpful to others and exhibit a high level of common sense.

2) Training

Some of those people with the right competencies may already be working in your customer service department. Identify the ones with the right talents, invest in training to improve their knowledge and skills and then provide the opportunity for them to gain experience Develop a formal Social Consumer Care training program, build in formal voice of brand training, and educate your  workforce on how social supports overall brand strategy.

3) Quality

Contact Center people monitor everything. Include quality monitoring on social consumer care. Assess the quality of the response provided, the voice of the brand, the tone of the message, and the content of the message and then provide feedback and coaching to the representatives.

4) Management

We need to develop Contact Center Management that understands that social consumer care is as important as consumer care through the phone, email or chat. You wouldn’t hire a manager who doesn’t know how to use a phone to run your call floor team, so why would you have a manager who doesn’t know how Twitter works manage your Social Consumer Care business?

 — Adapted from Building a Workforce for Social Consumer Care on JohnMacDaniel.net.

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