Don’t Make Your Customers Come to You: 5 Reasons to Embrace Mobile Channels

Feb 07, 2018

Don’t Make Your Customers Come to You: 5 Reasons to Embrace Mobile Channels (and 39 Stats to Convince You)


A recent Harris poll found that 81% of respondents are frustrated by being tied to a phone or computer for customer service. As smartphones and tablets become more and more prevalent – 4 in 10 households don’t have a landline, twice the rate from just five years ago – consumers will increasingly demand access to customer service through mobile channels.

Here’s why companies need to embrace mobile channels:


1. A lack of mobile support will lower your CSAT by 5% (Gartner)

Three out of four consumers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do, so it’s not surprising that today’s customers are demanding a multi-channel experience that allows them to communicate with you when and where it’s convenient for them. They want the efficiency of a real-time conversation without the disruption and inconvenience of a phone call.

Consider the example of Microsoft: The Reddit community dedicated to the Xbox One has over 100,000 subscribers. Instead of asking those users to spend time and effort contacting the company through one of its typical channels, Microsoft started offering official tech support on Reddit. The lesson? Find your customers where they are – don’t make them come to you.


2. 52% of consumers would prefer to contact customer service by text (eWeek)

And 47% said that texting could improve their overall satisfaction with customer service. Almost two-thirds of Harris poll participants with texting capability would prefer to use it over voice to communicate with a brand. In fact, a CFI Group study reported texting as the highest-rated contact method for customer satisfaction: it earned 90 out of 100 points, while phone only earned 77.

When you combine the high satisfaction levels of texting with its widespread usage, it quickly becomes clear that if you’re not offering texting as a customer service channel, you need to be. More than 68 million people are frequent text users, and texting is the most-used smartphone app. Nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone. And while only 43% of that group use their phones to make voice calls, over 70% of them text.


For 3 more reasons (and many more stats) on why to embrace mobile channels, check out the original blog post from Astute Solutions.


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