Social Customer Service Holiday Checklist: 10 Questions to Prepare Your Social Care for the Holiday Season

Nov 19, 2014

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Telerx Social Customer Service Holiday Checklist

The following post was adapted from Hey Social Customer Service, ready for the Holidays? on

The holidays are nearing. That, for me brings thoughts of turkey, ham, traffic jams, the excitement of the first snow, a visit to Santa, and of course, shopping. It also has me thinking about social customer care, and how companies will respond to the online customer in need.

If you are doing social customer care right, then you understand that your customers deserve the same service regardless of the channel. And you are most likely already prepared for the holidays.

If you do not have a social customer care process operational yet, then use this time of the year to get it in place.

Start to think about how you prepare seasonally for phone and email holiday traffic, and apply that same thought process to social media customer care. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is your organization’s overall strategy is for the holiday season and how does social media customer care supports that strategy?
  2. Is your company driving holiday traffic to social platforms?
  3. What are current social care volumes like and what are the expectations for holiday traffic?
  4. Do you have service level metrics in place for social care?
  5. Have you posted information regarding service expectations on your social properties?
  6. How will you ensure social care issues and questions are being identified and reviewed by the right personnel?
  7. What types of questions are people asking, and how can you apply productivity metrics to social care?
  8. Do you need to increase your headcount to handle any increase in social care?
  9. Are your people properly trained to provide customer care on social platforms?
  10. Are there any opportunities for multi-channel customer contact handling to improve efficiencies?

If you have these questions answered, then you are well on your way to ensuring your customers remain happy. If not, you may want to get to it, because your consumers will be sipping eggnog and complaining to you on Twitter before Facebook can say they have another security change to announce!


Adapted from Hey Social Customer Service, ready for the Holidays? on

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