Are You Missing the Interaction in Your Social Media Strategy?

Sep 16, 2014

Sr. Director, Digital

The following post was adapted from You’ve Been Engaging, But Are You Interacting? on

Much has been written about brands and the need to create content on their branded social media properties that encourages their community to engage. The power of compelling content and the consumer that can’t help but engage and share that content is well documented.

However what has been missing is what to do about interaction.

I want to separate Engagement and Interaction. Engagement is a response by a community member as a result of content that is created and posted by the brand. Some brands do this very well.

Interaction though, is the conversation between brand and consumer as a result of a question, inquiry, or comment from a community member that warrants a response from the brand.  Although improvements are being made, there is still a great deal of room for improvement in how well brands interact with consumers.

Lack of interaction or poor interaction by a brand can move the ambivalent consumer to a state of agitation. Positive interaction can move a consumer from an ambivalent state to one of loyalty and potentially one of positive influence.

By striving to provide a consistent and positive customer experience across ALL channels a brand can increase the likelihood of generating more positive word of mouth and, in turn, a higher degree of earned media.

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