Summertime Social Media Roundup

Aug 02, 2017
Summertime Social Media Roundup


While summer is a time to sit back and unwind, Twitter and Instagram have been hard at work introducing fresh new features.

Twitter Adds Direct Message Request Review Inbox

According to a recent article in TechCrunch, Twitter will now allow users to review Direct Messages received from people who they don’t follow before responding to them in a consolidated inbox. Facebook has long used similar functionality for its own messaging feature and app. This new DM review inbox function will enable users to choose to either “Delete” or “Accept” inbound messages, and works for anyone who has turned on the setting that allows receipt of messages from people they don’t follow.

Those sending the messages won’t be able to see if they’ve been viewed or not until the “Accept” option is chosen. Media sent from unknown users will also remain unseen until the “Accept” option is chosen, which is a good way to help prevent unwanted or unseemly image/video surprises.

This new functionality adds another layer of security for the average Twitter user by preventing unwanted messages and images from showing up in their main inbox. For brands, it means that consumers will need to accept their DMs before reading them, unless they already follow the brand account.


Twitter Testing New Ways to Encourage Consumers to DM Brands

Speaking of DMs and brand engagement, Twitter is testing new functionality with Direct Message Cards.

These DM Cards allow brands to create visually eye-popping tweets that have a direct message call-to-action feature. Click it, and a user can enter a one-on-one conversation with that company. Direct Message Cards can be shared through paid, promoted tweets, or through nonpaid, organic tweets.

Promoted Tweets have long been an effective way to get people to engage with brands. But there are many users who see Twitter as an integral part of their “personal brands.” These people are unlikely to engage with Promoted Tweets if it means that their followers will see it. Direct Message Cards gives them a way to engage with brands in a way that’s discrete, and gives brands the privacy needed to collect personal information.


Instagram Direct Messages Now Support Web Links

Instagram’s Direct feature has grown as a messaging tool by adding 2 key features: support for external web links, and the ability to send photos /videos in their original orientations without cropping.

The links feature also includes inline previews of the websites being sent, and the new photo/ video treatment is much more in keeping with how users actually capture and view media on mobile these days. According to Tech Crunch, the updates are rolling out now to iOS users, and will arrive on Android soon.

To date, Instagram’s direct message offering has lagged behind Twitter’s and Facebook’s. These updates will make it easier for brands and consumers to communicate in this private setting, which is most conducive to customer service.


Which new functionality do you think will be most effective for brands hoping to engage users on social media?


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