What Does 2019 Have in Store for Social Media and CX?

Aug 26, 2019

It’s time to prepare for the growth of digital and social in customer care in 2019.

Social Media for Customer Care

Texas-based technology marketplace Spiceworks surveyed more than 350 marketers in tech companies across North America and Europe to get insights into which trends are on the rise and which are hype in 2019.  According to the survey, social is one of the first touchpoints for customer care, with customers more likely to contact brand social media channels before picking up the phone.

Almost 40% of Twitter users have sent a complaint or comment to a brand via social media because they thought it would elicit a quick response. Also, nearly 4 in 10 users also thought other people on social might be able to help them find a quick solution.

However, poor customer service can impact the bottom line. Customers who dislike your customer service are going to share their experience via social, which can influence the purchase decisions of others.

In 2019, social care will be the new connection to your customers. What they say about your brand will matter more than what a brand says about itself. You can read more about the Spiceworks survey here.


Private Messaging on the Rise

On the other hand, messaging apps have already passed even social media apps in terms of usage, and it seems to be a trend that will dominate 2019. People are moving beyond public posts on social media to private messaging, whether it’s simply about reaching their friends or to stay in touch with their favorite brands. What makes messaging interesting is that brands can find the much-desired engagement that they’re seeking by understanding how people use messaging apps.

Check out the other top social media trends for 2019 here.


What’s a Brand to Do?

The challenge for brands is that what a customer says is a direct result of the level of service the brand provides. Brands therefore have an opportunity to rapidly resolve issues and personally connect with customers via social and messaging apps. Making the right connection to your customers using the methods they want will make sure your brand is successful. The only way to survive – between data breaches, emerging quality demand from customers, and technologies – is to ensure that you:

  • Understand your audience
  • Review your digital presence strategy
  • Allocate time and budget to new tools and technologies
  • Keep your focus on what works
  • Do your best to build trust with your users in every engagement


C3i Solutions Can Help

C3i Solutions has spent the last three decades providing high-touch customer care support for the world’s most known brands. Because of this, we are in a unique position to support social and digital customer care in the same thoughtful, effective manner. Contact us today.


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