Opti-Channel Engagement

Beyond the Buzzword: Opti-Channel Engagement

/ Dec 11, 2017

Oh great, you’re thinking, I’m finally getting used to saying omni-channel! "Opti-channel” is much more than a new buzzword—it’s the next big CX differentiator.

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What You Need to Know About Measuring Customer Engagement

/ Nov 09, 2017

Measuring customer engagement should not be limited to "traditional" marketing metrics. Measurement should include customer service metrics such as accessibility, quality, and voice of the customer (VOC).

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From Piggly Wiggly to Chatbots in 100 Years

/ Sep 20, 2017

Chatbots are here to stay. Frank Pettinato traces their history back 100 years to a single grocery store owner's big idea.

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How to Use Technology to Protect Your Brand From a Crisis

/ Aug 08, 2017

In every Consumer Relations professional’s perfect world, crises don't exist. Here are tips for protecting your brand before it becomes a crisis.

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Inspiration for Consumer Care Professionals from Jeff Bezos

/ Jul 27, 2017

The letter from Jeff Bezos included in Amazon.com's most recent annual report is worth a read for anyone working in consumer care.

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Trust Us, You Need to Know These 5 Contact Center Trends

/ Jun 28, 2017

Contact centers are the face of your brand. They need to understand how to take advantage of current trends, and be prepared for what’s coming next.

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How do you describe the ‘reach’ of consumer care?

/ Jun 20, 2017

Consumer care must remember to frame our work in the measures and language used by other business functions.

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