Improving Veeva CRM Support Resolution Rate

Best Practice: Improving Veeva CRM Support Resolution Rate

/ Nov 20, 2017

How improving your Veeva CRM support resolution rate can lead to increased sales force effectiveness.

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The Clinical ‘Connectors’ for Escalation Services

/ Mar 22, 2017

Soniya Patel highlights the importance of medical escalation procedures during a clinical trial.

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Community Support

What is Community Support?

/ Jun 23, 2016

  As those in product and software development know: it’s all about innovation. When you’re in the field of service desk support, though, and the client asks you to be innovative, it’s[…]

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Remote Site Monitoring

Using Remote Site Monitoring to Enhance Global Clinical Trial Productivity

/ Jun 08, 2016

How Remote Site Monitoring can enhance the global productivity — and reduce the costs — of a clinical trial.

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WHAT Are You Wearing? The State of Wearable Health Devices

/ Mar 15, 2016

Last month we rolled out the Red Carpet. Now let’s talk not about WHO we are wearing, but WHAT we are wearing. Namely, wearable health devices.

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5 Keys to Choosing the Right Healthcare IT Partner

5 Keys to Choosing the Right Healthcare IT Partner

/ Nov 12, 2014

As I mentioned in my last post, choosing an IT solutions provider is a critical decision for all healthcare leaders in their quest to stay competitive and offer cutting-edge technology.[…]

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Tech Innovations Healthcare

How Are Tech Innovations Improving the Healthcare Industry?

/ Oct 13, 2014

We live in a world where every aspect of our life is fueled by technology, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Technological innovations have transformed the way patients, caregivers,[…]

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