Video Email: Your Secret Weapon in Improving cSat

Oct 23, 2019
Karen Weber

Sr Director, Marketing, Solutions & Innovation

ビデオEメール: お客様満足度向上の秘密兵器

Even the most attentive consumer care teams have occasional challenges with customer satisfaction (cSat). There will always be certain circumstances where customers are disappointed, concerned, or even angry.

Turning that emotion around during a brief interaction is a tall order – even tougher when you are interacting with the customer in a channel that feels less personal, like email. The key to improving cSat on these types of interactions is to make email responses feel more personal — and seize the opportunity to truly connect with the customer — in a way that has a real and lasting impact.


The Power of Video Email

We’ve found that utilizing video email in these circumstances has a tremendous impact on customer satisfaction. Sending a video in place of a standard text-only email response to a consumer complaint or inquiry provides a visual interaction, and helps create that all-important emotional connection with the recipient.  And it allows for a clear, personalized response.


The Wow Factor: Surprise + Delight Your Consumers

Creating personalized videos for customer email responses is an extremely effective way to “Surprise and Delight” your customer that may have a critical inquiry.

And it’s well worth the effort. We’ve seen a dramatic 29% improvement in cSat scores over the first 6 months of implementing video email.


Keep it Simple

Implementing a video email program doesn’t have to be difficult. Select a platform that has the following critical components, already built in:

  • Integration – with your CRM and Outlook
  • Interactive Reporting – that is focused on metrics that matter the most to you, like engagement
  • Dynamic Platform – with customizable branded templates and the ability to deliver through any channel, including mobile


Not Just a One-Trick Pony

While targeting cases with traditionally lower cSat scores are a great place to start, video email can support a wide range of solutions for your customer care team. Once you’ve experimented a bit with video email you can expand your focus…

  • Add a library of re-usable videos for common contact drivers
  • Utilize a combination of video with screen capture images to deliver more impactful how-to’s
  • Add value to product or device training with video tutorials


What You’ll Hear

You’ll be able to tell right away what your customers think. Expect responses such as these, taken from actual consumer replies to video emails from our clients:

“The video was wonderful and personal to me, loved it.”

“Wow I never expected a video”

“Thanks for the cool video message! I loved my message!”


How C3i Solutions Can Help

Thinking of implementing video email at your organization? Watch the video below for more information about C3i Solutions video email.


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