Literature Review

Ensuring the safety of our client’s patients while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements

In order to meet ever-changing regulatory requirements, C3i Solutions’ staff – comprised entirely of healthcare professionals – conducts literature searches to help ensure the safety of our clients’ patients.

The volume and complexity of data sources continues to grow. C3i Solutions searches a variety of sources for a variety of outcomes. These include identification of individual case safety reports (ICSRs) from international literature; potential safety findings; any additional information that may have an impact on the benefit-risk assessment of the products and/or active ingredients; and any findings which may pertain to periodic safety update reports (PSURs).


The Experience Matters.

ビジネスプロセスアウトソーシングの業界リーダーとして、C3iソリューションズは、グローバルなマルチチャネルエンゲージメントソリューションを提供します。 重要なことは経験です。 その理由をご覧ください。



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