Consumer Surveys

Bringing you the voice of the customer


PulseCheXPlus— our enhanced consumer survey solution — allows you to listen closely to your customers’ perceptions, challenges and needs, and helps convert the volumes of data gathered from your interactions into valuable insights that drive your business. Features include:

  • Omni-Channel survey delivery enables immediate consumer feedback regardless of channel, including digital channels
  • Flexible survey question format options, including multiple question types and branch logic
  • Custom configuration to provide real-time direct feedback for three key insights: Customer Interaction Score, First Contact Resolution and Net Promoter Score
  • Save the customer feature: Ability to “save” dissatisfied customers. Their real-time feedback allows you the opportunity to escalate customer concerns to a supervisor for immediate handling
  • Dynamic near real time reporting dashboard on metrics tailored to the client’s objectives.
  • Voice to text transcription and client-directed analysis of IVR open-ended survey questions
  • Custom branding and questions which can be based on product type, contact reason or demographic of the consumer

Get answers to questions you may have not only about how your customers feel about your brand, but also how well these same customers are being served by our representatives. More specifically, PulseCheXPlus, can help you address the following types of concerns:

  • What drives customer satisfaction?
  • What drives multiple contacts to your contact center?
  • What is the relationship between call variables and the impact on willingness to recommend your brand?
  • How do you improve agent performance?

Voice of the customer data should be a strategic part of your enterprise. PulseChexPlus can help.


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