Social Customer Care

Today consumers choose how, when and where to engage your brand. Be ready when they do


It seems like every day brings new reports on the explosive growth of social customer care. You know your customers are engaging with you on social media, but how much? And what does it mean for your business? How does it fit in to your current strategies? Where do you even start?

C3i Solutions has spent the last three decades providing high-touch customer care support for the world’s most known brands. Because of this, we are in a unique position to support social customer service in the same thoughtful, effective manner.

Working closely with our client partners, community managers, brand specialists and marketing agencies, C3i Solutions has developed a comprehensive social customer care solution which includes:

  • Monitoring: Monitor blogs, Twitter, Facebook, forums, company message boards, YouTube, traditional web news sources, and emerging social channels
  • Engagement: Engage directly with consumers to support brand initiatives, resolve issues and enhance consumer experiences
  • Reporting: Sophisticated, dynamic and interactive reporting that goes beyond out of the box reporting and provides you with insights into sentiment, trends, brand health and competition
  • Community Management: Monitor, grow and sustain communities on your brand pages

C3i Solutions enables you to take advantage of social media to build stronger consumer relationships and protect your brand.


The Experience Matters.

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