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Social Media Roundup: New Enhancements for Engagement

A look at recent customer service related enhancements to Twitter and Facebook, and a study legitimizing the use of Twitter for customer care.

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How to Engage Employees for Better Customer Service – Part 2

An example of how to motivate your team to improve customer service with little to no cost and high return for the company.

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Integrate Social Media into Your Customer Care Service Model

Today’s more advanced social customer care activities require coordination among key stakeholders — namely, marketing, consumer affairs and external brand agencies.

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Top 5 Customer Service Trends to Watch Right Now

Let’s take a look at the current communication trends in the consumer products/CPG industry, and how they affect customer service.

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How to Engage Employees for Better Customer Service – Part 1

There is a lot you can do to improve rep motivation and engagement – all it takes is a little creativity.

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Texting: No Longer Just an Interesting Idea for Consumer Affairs

More than 5 billion text messages are sent in the Unites States each day. Are you using texting for consumer affairs?

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3 Keys to Handling a Product Recall

Despite a company’s commitment to safe production and distribution practices, food recalls and other crisis situations can and do happen. The CDC estimates that every year in the U.S. alone, food-borne illness sickens 48 million people (or 1 in 6), sending 128,000 to the hospital and resulting in 3,000 fatalities.[…]

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Telerx Social Customer Service Holiday Checklist

Social Customer Service Holiday Checklist: 10 Questions to Prepare Your Social Care for the Holiday Season

The following post was adapted from Hey Social Customer Service, ready for the Holidays? on johnmacdaniel.net The holidays are nearing. That, for me brings thoughts of turkey, ham, traffic jams, the excitement of the first snow, a visit to Santa, and of course, shopping. It also has me thinking about[…]

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Saying YES to Excellence this Customer Service Week

As members of the customer care community, we are celebrating Customer Service Week at Telerx this week. In case you are unfamiliar with the concept, Customer Service Week is an international event devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service in business. It’s also a time to honor those who[…]

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Are You Missing the Interaction in Your Social Media Strategy?

The following post was adapted from You’ve Been Engaging, But Are You Interacting? on JohnMacDaniel.net. Much has been written about brands and the need to create content on their branded social media properties that encourages their community to engage. The power of compelling content and the consumer that can’t help[…]

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