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Video Email: Your Secret Weapon in Improving cSat

The advantages of utilizing video email response to overcome low customer satisfaction.

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Why Coupons Are Still a Powerful Strategy for Brands

When it comes to driving consumer behavior, coupons continue to be a powerful force.

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Why a World Record-Setting Mentality is Critical in Customer Experience

Time-related metrics and broad customer engagement analytics monitor customer satisfaction and alert when to engage contact center managers with customers.

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Channel Surfing: How Do Consumers Engage with Your Brand?

We polled 300 real-world consumers to learn how they prefer to research and engage with brands. This is what we learned.

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What Difference Does 5 Years Make?: Millennial Channel Preference

How have Millennial channel preferences for contacting consumer affairs changed over the past 5 years?

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How the Best Brands Improve Customer Service

How the Best Brands Improve Customer Service: 5 Expert Tips

A critical element in any CX strategy is improving customer service. Here are 5 tips from some of the world's biggest brands.

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Social Media Roundup: A Bomb Cyclone of Updates

The major social media platforms have been churning out a cyclone of updates. Here are some of the most relevant changes for brands engaging in social customer care.

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How do you describe the ‘reach’ of consumer care?

Consumer care must remember to frame our work in the measures and language used by other business functions.

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Transforming CRM through Speech Recognition

New speech recognition technology is evolving the standard of phone call-based customer service.

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How to Engage Employees for Better Customer Service – Part 2

An example of how to motivate your team to improve customer service with little to no cost and high return for the company.

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